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Project Description

MCU Fusion is a powerfull and extensible application for programming various devices like microcontrollers, ROM, etc.

This tool has a modern convenient user interface based on Microsoft's Ribbon and built-in hex editor. Scripting support is to be added.

All operations are done by the pluggable extension modules (plug-ins). That allows you to add support for new devices, protocols and hardware interfaces easily. The extension modules may be written in any .Net language. Support for writing plug-ins in native code (C++) will be added in the future version.

The project is in a rather early stage, and at the moment only two plug-ins are available:
  1. The first one supports it's own protocol, called Fusion Boot. A sample project containing the protocol implementation for AVR microcontrollers via USB interface is provided.
  2. The second one implements SPI programming of AVR microcontroller units. It's still an experimental version which is actually rather slow and somewhat unstable.

Supported Platforms

At the moment the project is supported on Windows 2000 and higher and requires .Net Framework 2.0. But it's also possible to run it on Windows 98 (with some limitations).
MCU Fusion can be used on Linux, but there are several UI bugs at the moment. You must have Mono 2.4 to launch the application on Linux.
Due to the bug in Mono 2.6 the application may crash on it.

What's new in

  • Windows Installer Package.
  • Improved UI.
  • Experimental support for SPI programming of AVR.



  • Better support for SPI programming of AVR.
  • Native API for plug-ins.
  • UI redesign.
  • Better support on Linux.


  • Complete SPI programming support for AVR microcontrollers.
  • Scripting support (Python/Ruby/Javascript).
  • Online help.


The project is distributed under the MIT license. However, several components it uses (Ribbon, Hex Editor) may have another licences.

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